Nov 20


Welcome to Ruth’s Toffee

I’ve been building my mailing list for 24 years.  I started out with all the names and addresses I had in my personal address book, which was mostly college and high school friends.  Then I went to the class reunion committees from Cedaredge High School where Dale and I both went to school and requested all the class reunion lists I could find.  That first year I had 500 people on my mailing list and I mailed them all a postcard to let them know I was in business and selling toffee.  I typed the mailing labels out individually on label forms, stuck them on the postcard by hand, licked the stamp I affixed to the card, and mailed them out.

This year, to my surprise, after 24 years of collecting addresses and adding them to my database, I found I had more than 18,000 addresses.  I realize that isn’t a huge number compared to all the people in the United States, or maybe even in the state of Colorado, but I thought it was a pretty good number considering that everyone on that list has tasted, received, or given Ruth’s Toffee.

This year I decided to send a card or brochure to every person on that list.  This was a change from previous years when I’ve just sent a brochure to people who have signed up for my mailing list or sent or received candy in the last 4-5 years.  I sent to people who haven’t heard from me for years and it seems to have been a good tactic.

I’m grateful to have gotten orders from several people who received my card.  Many have mentioned that they haven’t heard from me for years and I hope to hear from a lot more of the 18,000 on my list before Christmas.  I love making my toffee and sending it all around the country.  Most of all, though, I’m grateful for modern technology which allowed me to send out those 18,000 cards without having to type out the mailing labels individually.

We’ve made pounds and pounds of toffee this week and boxed some of it in our new boxes.  We’ve made truffles and turtles and gotten them ready to send out.  Our crunch and fudge are fresh and chocolate-y and delicious, just waiting to be shipped to a lucky recipient.  Give us a call today or go on-line and let us know what we could send to you.

Ruth’s Toffee