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Ruth’s Assortment Collections and Sampler Boxes

Making a decision is never easy when it comes to gourmet chocolate and handmade candies. That’s why Ruth’s Toffee offers sampler boxes and assortment collections for people with specific taste preferences and those who just can’t make up their minds. As an example, 2-pound sampler boxes come in either dark chocolate or milk chocolate for true connoisseurs who enjoy one flavor over the other. Sampler boxes come with a half-pound of each tasty confection: toffee, turtles, crunch and fudge. These sampler boxes are a great choice if unclear which gourmet chocolate treat will be best received.

To make an even better impression, or to honor those moments of indecisive nibbling, larger assortment collections can be purchased and are comprised of separate boxes of Ruth’s most popular items. For more details on samplers and assortments, please visit the online store or see below:

Small Assortment

This assortment of gourmet chocolate starts with two pounds of toffee and adds a box of turtles. Choose either milk or dark chocolate confections.

Medium Assortment

This combination of treats is a real chocolate-lover’s delight, which will suit both milk chocolate and dark chocolate fans. It includes a one-pound box each of milk and dark chocolate covered toffee and then an added box each of mixed chocolate turtles, chocolate fudge and crunch.

Large Assortment

This impressive gift starts with Ruth’s biggest box of toffee—the five-pounder. Then a box of each is added: turtles, dark chocolate fudge, milk chocolate fudge, crunch, and almond clusters. It comes with a choice of either milk chocolate or dark chocolate covered toffee. With more than ten pounds of candy, this gift is so reasonably priced it offers almost a pound of gourmet chocolate for free compared to buying each pound separately.



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