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How do I track my package?

Our usual method of shipping is Priority Mail with the United States Postal Service, which includes a tracking number so you can see when your package has been shipped or its estimated time of arrival.

Can I ship internationally?

Yes. If you want to send a treat to someone in a different country, we are happy to accommodate you. We generally ship United States Postal Service, but can utilize other shipping methods when required. The actual cost of shipping depends on weight, travel distance and how quickly you wish for the gourmet candy to arrive.

How should I store my purchase?

When frozen or refrigerated and double wrapped, our gourmet candy will store for months, if not years after purchase. But truly, why would you want to keep the candy so long? Eat it. Enjoy it, and then order some more when it is all gone.

What is the shelf life of the products you sell?

Chocolate is a natural preservative; however, butter, cream and nuts have a restricted shelf life. The number of days any food will last depends on a home’s temperature and humidity and candy is no different. During those special occasions and dinner parties, our gourmet candy does fine for hours on the table or counter. For the next day, we recommend plastic wrap to help prevent drying out of the candy you are keeping. If you have candy left for more than a few days, it is best to refrigerate or freeze it.

How should I decide between milk chocolate and dark chocolate?

Deciding on chocolates is largely a matter of taste and preference. Many people prefer the taste of milk chocolate, but recent research is showing that reasonable quantities of dark chocolate can actually be healthy for you.

Can I create my own custom gift packages?

We offer several different combinations of gift packages and hope you can find something that suits your needs. However, we aim to please so if you want something different, feel free to contact us and we will try to accommodate your custom order.

Do you have products for people with diet restrictions and allergies?

We have several products available in our online store for people with diet restrictions. First, all of our products are naturally gluten-free. We also have products that are dairy-free, a few products made with sugar-free chocolate, some nuts that have no chocolate and a few products without nuts. Please note that we take reasonable care in producing our nut-free products, but for those with severe nut sensitivities/allergies, be aware that all of our gourmet candy is produced in a facility where we use pecans, walnuts and almonds. There are no peanuts in our facility though.

Can your turtles swim?

Our turtles only swim once in their lifetime. After the caramel is spread over the pecans and then they are cool enough to handle, we send the turtles swimming in our carefully tempered milk or dark chocolate. Sometimes when handling the turtles, the sneakier ones jump back into the chocolate for another quick dip before being laid out to dry.

What is the difference between fudge, toffee and caramel?

All of these candies use different quantities of butter, sugar and cream. The final texture will depend on the balance of ingredients and the cooking method. Our toffee is cooked to a high degree of temperature with a minimum of ingredients – just butter and sugar to which we then add nuts and chocolate after cooking. This makes for a crunchy, nutty gourmet candy. Our fudge is cooked only enough to melt the chocolate, and our fudge has an abundance of chocolate in it. We also add cream, butter and condensed milk to make it smooth and keep it from hardening. Our caramel has no chocolate, but uses a higher percentage of milk, cream and butter to make it chewy and flavorful.

What is the difference between toffee and brittle?

Toffee is a creamy, buttery, thick and rich candy topped with chocolate and almonds. Brittle is much thinner due to its processing and is composed mostly of sugar and peanuts.


What determines the quality of your chocolates?

The chocolates we create are without added preservatives, wax or paraffin. Although these additives can help candy hold up in hot weather, we would rather our gourmet candy melt in your mouth; however, it may not hold up in your sweltering car. The fewer the ingredients the better when it comes to chocolate, so by keeping the mixing chocolate more pure, our candy maintains its quality taste and texture.


What determines the quality of your toffee?

First, we start with high quality ingredients, which is the most important step in making gourmet candy. We then create small batches so we can keep a close eye on every pound. We also train employees to make adjustments for unfavorable conditions like humidity and temperature changes that can adversely affect our toffee. Lastly, we “test and taste often” to make sure the quality is consistent and the flavor is outstanding. We are conscientious about quality control so only the best gourmet candy goes from our door to yours.

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