Feb 05

Happy Valentine’s Day from Ruth’s Toffee

Happy Valentine’s Day from Ruth’s Toffee

Probably most of your Christmas candy is just a memory on your lips (and maybe still on your hips!) but with Valentine’s Day just around the corner, it is time to order more.  Wouldn’t Ruth’s Toffee be just the thing you need for that someone special in your life, or just to treat yourself?

It still is not too late to order and get something from Ruth’s Toffee in time for Valentine’s Day.  We usually ship by USPS and although we make it a practice to never guarantee the performance of the postal service, our experience has shown that their Priority Mail service can get our candy from here in the mountains of Western Colorado to the farthest corners of the continental US within 3-4 days.  Delivery is even faster if you don’t live in the farthest corners.

As a special, I want to offer a 10% discount on any candy ordered between now and Valentine’s Day.  Just order anything on the web and then use “Ten” as a discount code when you check out.  Your discount will be automatically taken off your order.  We also still have the free shipping offer for any order more than $70 shitoffeeheartpped to one address, so if your order reaches this amount, you will also get free shipping.

My final Valentine’s offer is toffee in a beautiful bright red Valentine’s Greetings box, as shown here.  You get 10 oz. of toffee (your choice of milk or dark covered chocolate), the cheerful and colorful Valentine’s Greetings box, and Priority Mail shipping to anywhere in the US for a total price of $20.  This offer is not available on the website so if you want to take advantage of this, send me an email (ruth@ruthstoffee.com) or call (800-699-6199) with names and addresses of who all you want to treat with this colorful box of toffee.  There is no limit on how many you can order — just be sure to send me your contact information so I can call you if I have questions and for payment information.

Have a sweet Valentine’s Day and remember — Don’t be Ruthless on this special day!

Ruth’s Toffee