Nov 06

Launching our new website

Launching our New Website

Hi from Ruth’s Toffee:

We’ve been working hard to launch a new website for Ruth’s Toffee.  This project started back in June.  Although I knew a lot was involved with setting up a new on-line commerce site, I still have been surprised about all the details that need to be tended to and all the aspects that need to be considered.  It isn’t as easy as it looks!  The finished product will accomplish what we wanted, though, which was to provide the on-line shopper with an easy, convenient, and attractive way to purchase from Ruth’s Toffee.  We are also expecting some improvements in our shipping department to help us ensure orders get sent as ordered and on time even more efficiently than before.

I love modern technology!  I am amazed when I look back at the changes that have happened in on-line shopping, web commerce, and shipping capabilities between now and when we started our business 24 years ago.  For the first several years back in Bedrock, where Ruth’s Toffee was born, I would get in my car and carry my orders for the day to the local post office.  The postmaster would weigh each box, calculate the postage, then count out the stamps in whatever combination of stamp denominations was the most efficient for sending the box.  Then we’d stand there and lick and stick until the orders were all ready to go.

I thought the new sticky stamps the post office came out with were a wonderful invention.  Licking them didn’t do any good — in fact it was frowned upon! — and we could peel and stick much faster than the old-fashioned lick and stick process. That process is absolutely antiquated, though, compared to what we can do now.  My super-duper scale tells my computer how much the package weighs and the computer calculates the ship-to zone combined with the weight to figure out the postage needed, which is then printed out on my own printer.  This is a sticky label so still no licking is needed! The postal service is informed of the process and knows a package label has been printed and will be leaving our facility.  Someone in my computer or scale or the postal service or somewhere has my bank account number so if I run out of money to pay the postage, I just push a “yes” button and with almost absolutely NO effort on my part, they take big chunks of money out of my bank account.  The process is so much different than standing in the post office back in Bedrock and licking stamps that I shake my head in amazement.

I look forward to the new advancements this website and modern technology will offer us.  With all the changes in technology, though, one thing that hasn’t changed is the buttery, crunchy taste of Ruth’s Toffee.  We still hand-craft our confection in small batches to bring you a beautiful and tasty gift.  Treat someone special but don’t forget to treat yourself too — we can ship to everyone.


Ruth’s Toffee