Nov 14

November 14, 2015

It’s been a busy week

It has been a busy week since the launch of our new website.  As might be expected on any new job, we’ve been learning a lot of things about the new site and our new shipping program.  I think they may eventually work together well and work smoothly but it doesn’t seem to happen automatically and I’m still struggling with some things.

Sometimes, tech support is a valuable tool.  A few nights ago I was staying up late trying to learn about shipping.  I had made a test label for a shipment to figure out that I could actually just enter a  name and address and print out a label if I needed to.  Once I figured that out, though, I didn’t actually want to print the label but I couldn’t find a “Delete” option anywhere.  I checked out all the options on the top menus — no “Delete” option.  I searched through all the buttons on the left side of the shipping menu — lots of things to choose from but no “Delete” choice.  By this time I was thoroughly frustrated but it was too late to call the friendly and helpful guys at the customer support center.  I left the store stewing about how I would be able to get rid of an unwanted label without having to work around it for weeks when all I wanted to do was get rid of it.

The next morning, I called tech support as soon as they were open.  I told the polite young man my problem with the unwanted label.  I explained that I had looked EVERYWHERE and couldn’t find the option for “Delete” so how in the world would I be able to get rid of the unwanted label?!?!  The polite young man hesitated only slightly and then quietly said, “Um. . . you just push the Delete button on your keyboard.”  Ooops.  That was one really simple option that totally had not occurred to me.  I pictured all the polite young men at tech support rolling around on the floor holding their sides and belly laughing at me, but at least they don’t know who I am.

Wait . . . I told them my name when I called and put my picture and all my contact information up on the website.  They not only know who I am but what I look like and where I live.  Sheesh.

Ruth’s Toffee