Jan 05

Starting the New Year

Starting the New Year

We had a busy holiday season freezerpixhere at Ruth’s Toffee but things have quieted down and the elves have mostly gone on to do other things for a few months.  What you’re looking at in these pictures I have attached is the bottom of my freezers.  One holds milk chocolate toffee and other candy and the other holds dark chocolate toffee.  As you can see, there is a lot of empty space in these freezers.


We’ll be working hard in the next few weeks to build up the stock of candy and confections that we offer because we’re still getting orders.  I’ve had several calls from people who ordered the wrong thing at Christmas.  I don’t mean they ordered the wrong thing from Ruth’s Toffee, but that they ordered oranges or wine or something silly like that.  The gift recipients have been complaining and the oft-heard refrain is “Where is that toffee you have been sending?  The oranges (or nuts, or wine, or whatever) were good but we need our Ruth’s Toffee.”

I’m very glad to have Ruth’s Toffee become a holiday tradition.  It ticklesme when the children of my friends order, although when I think about it, it is amazing to realize how old these children are and how they sometimes even have children of their own.  I marvel about how they can grow up and mature and marry and have families and here I am, just the same age and attitude as I was 30 years ago!

We are looking forward to a great 2016 and hope you’ll be a part of it.  Stay tuned as we work to expand and grow the business while we continue to build the best toffee ever from our small town in Western Colorado.



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