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Why People Love Ruth’s Toffee

Ruth’s toffee has been described as a confectionary wonder that is addictive, buttery, crunchy, comforting, nutty, pure, fresh and rich in chocolate, but those are only a fraction of the praises given by customers. From the first bite, Ruth’s down-home toffee evokes positive accolades due to her 20+ years of toffee-making experience and commitment to high quality gourmet confections.

Handcrafted Colorado Gifts

Artisan treasures normally found at a weekend market in the Colorado Rockies can now be sent to friends and family by ordering Colorado gifts online from Ruth’s Toffee. The carefully handcrafted toffee made to perfection in small batches is a thoughtful and notable way to show someone you care during the holidays or that special occasion.

A Brief History of Toffee

The origins of toffee are ultimately unclear, but many theories exist. The word was first published in the Oxford English dictionary in 1825. It’s said that toffee, which is the modern British name for “taffy,” became popular in the 1800s because of its cheap and easily obtained ingredients, sugar and treacle (or what is commonly known as molasses). One theory suggests that the word’s earlier spelling was “toughy” or “tuffy,” probably in reference to its original stick-to-the-teeth texture.   Others believe the word was derived from West Indian rum called, “tafia,” traditionally used to flavor candy. In both American and British cookbooks in the 19th century, “toffee” and “taffy” were used interchangeably. One of the first references to “molasses candy” was in Mrs. Crowen’s American Lady’s Cookery Book in 1847, which called for lemon, sassafras or vanilla and crushed peanuts or almonds, quite similar to how it is made today.

Ruth’s Toffee