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Turtles, Fudge & More

Ruth’s Tantalizing Turtles and Fudge

Ruth’s Slow-Moving Turtles

The names of Ruth’s turtles have mimicked her whimsical sense of humor over the years. “Female turtles” were made without nuts while “naked turtles” had no chocolate covering. Today though, Ruth only makes her best-selling recipe. The giant turtles are slowly and carefully handcrafted, prepared with Ruth’s custom caramel, California-grown pecans and then topped with a rich chocolate overlay. This gives the turtles their chewy and full-flavored taste making them extremely popular with customers. Visit the online store and purchase milk chocolate or dark chocolate turtles today. Or, like Ruth and her namesakes, be whimsical and mix it up with an assortment of both.

Ruth’s Fabulous Fudge

Fudge, traditionally described as a crystalline candy where the proper crystallization is the key to having the perfect texture, is said to be an American creation. Most believe that fudge was first introduced after an accidental “fudged” batch of caramels, hence its name. It is a favorite candy of many and Ruth’s philosophy when making it is “the creamier the better.” It addition to it being ultra creamy, the melt in your mouth texture and quality can be easily savored one bite at a time. So, don’t “fudge” an opportunity to buy some of Ruth’s creamy delights. Visit the online store now.

Something for Everyone

Treats await most people with diet-restrictions at Ruth’s Toffee. For starters, everything is gluten-free. Other specialties include flavored almonds, one of the world’s healthiest snacks, as well as non-dairy dark chocolate sauce and dark chocolate almond clusters. For those wanting something sugar-free, Ruth’s Toffee also carries almond clusters made with a delicious, high-quality sugar-free chocolate.



Ruth’s Toffee